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Do you have items with sentimental value passed on to you from family or friends? We do and we're not strangers to the dilemma of how to keep extra "stuff" while already living in a full house. Large magnificent pieces or fine matching sets can be the most frustrating. Furthermore, complexity grows with Sentimental Significance and multiple surviving heirs. Items or collections may have been acquired over a lifetime or passed down from cherished generations. We don't recommend anyone sell their most prized family heirlooms. Perhaps you can find ways to fit them in or swap out and sell replaceable items in favor of keeping your older or cherished pieces. Besides, life with antiques can indeed be fun!

Our services introduce us to interesting people with diverse and sensitive emotions. We can't know exactly how you're feeling but we do our best to understand your needs and try to handle every concern with kit gloves. Those who have come before us deserve honor and dignity, respectfully we treat their effects with high regard. In fact, We take great pride in carefully handling ALL of your property and PROTECTING YOUR HOME, as we would want if the tables were turned. Be at ease, we are also fully insured, bonded, certified & licensed in two states. We keep in close contact and let you know about any surprises, personal & family items or unusually valuable pieces. We work diligently (often hundreds of man-hours) to inspect, investigate, highly promote and ensure that your goods bring their appropriate value. We want your sale to be a success, and for you to be happy. If you're happy, we are too, because nothing promotes business better than HAPPY YOU!

Most of us, at some point in our lives, are faced with having to "let go" of things. Sadly, in our modern society, most pre-owned items hold Fair Market & Liquidation Values which rarely approach Retail or Sentimental Values. Many people have difficulty dealing with this and we understand. If you must sell things which you'd rather keep, you may not want to witness them go. We provide a COMPLETE TURN-KEY SERVICE and HANDLE EVERYTHING. You can be distant or local, un-involved or as much as you like. Whatever your need, we'll make it so. B-Keen Appraisals & Estate Sales, per your wishes!


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