FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • 1) Why choose B-Keen to conduct your Estate Sale?
  • Paramount customer service, Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, attention to detail, tenacity, current market knowledge, flexibility and willingness to do whatever it takes to Bring top dollar for your collective goods. We invest hundreds of man-hours to beautify and make your entire home look show-room ready. We carefully inspect, clean, prof. photograph, appraise & appropriately price everything -to sell. We organize & display in ways similar to big department stores. Your best interest is also ours and we will not sell things for less than we must, however it is liquidation and to be most effective (GOAL=SELL ALL), things must be priced to sell quickly. We'll prominently promote a highly acclaimed 1st Class Estate Sale on your property in a weekend tag sale to Exceed Your Needs and Expectations.

  • 2) How much will it cost?
  • Nothing out of pocket, we charge a competitive commission rate (35% +/-) pulled from the sale revenue. As every household is different so too is the work needed to liquidate it. We "bid" each job on a case-by-case basis and lock this rate into our plain-English contract before getting started. No hidden charges. We provide everything required to prepare and conduct the sale.

  • 3) Can my family and I just sell it all ourselves?
  • Yes, but it is VERY time consuming, frustrating, and deceptively difficult.

  • 4) What's involved in the process?
  • A Lot..! Preparation by digging through every room, closet, cabinet, chest, drawer, box, bag, container, garage, attic, basement, shed, yard, garden & storage facility. Discarding all trash, sorting, organizing, cleaning, displaying, photos, research, appraising and pricing from days to weeks if you have no other life! We optimize our presentation, plan pedestrian flow, restrict access, remove doors if needed, add lighting and create space with folding tables, shelving & displays. Other considerations include sale timing, logistics, health & safety, code compliance, parking and communicating with everyone. Clever, prominent advertising and effective promotion by signage, e-mail, ads in-print and on-line with prof. photos are all essential. Optimally, your Estate Sale will be a very busy event with adequate staffing to direct & assist customers, answer questions, negotiate, accept payments (cash, check, cc, others?), proper record keeping and security. With everything correct, including pricing, discounts and sale techniques, little if anything will remain afterward. Charities are a good way to part with leftover items which you or your family does not want, you get a tax benefit (using Fair Market Value) and some organizations will pick up. In Dallas we recommend "City Square", due to their generous Homeless benefit (over 92% efficient), professionalism and reliability. In Florida we've received help from and recommend "Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches" charitable organization benefiting at-risk children for over 60 years.

  • 5) How long will it take for B-Keen to conduct an Estate Sale?
  • Typically from One to Three Weeks after getting started. But first we'll visit, tour and answer each others questions, agree on rate, schedule and sign a contract. Unlike many companies who knock out sales too quickly with little benefit to their clients, we're obsessed with maximizing sale potential and invest tons of time into every job. We actually sort through & price EVERYTHING. Several days may be needed after the sale if you need us to get it completely cleared out & broom swept.

  • 6) How do we know what's worthy and what's not?
  • Almost everything is worth something to someone. Generally speaking, more is better. Don't let cherry pickers in early or donate things away, you can always do that later... Just pull out all your keep-sakes, photos, data-media, personal papers & private info, Rx medicine and anything else you wouldn't want strangers to get into. Please, let us decide what to throw out. If you must, properly discard only: spoiled foods, bad batteries, used packing materials, worn-out, damaged or dirty clothes & fouled furniture esp. from the 1970's & newer... Also, while some soiled, pet damaged or sad/ugly items might remain functional, first impressions are paramount to consumers and the Nose Knows! Keeping repulsive items in a sale can adversely affect the outcome. Always seek advice.

  • 7) Can B-Keen sell Cars, Trucks, Boats, RV's and Houses?
  • We're licensed to sell personal property, including ALL vehicles, not Real Estate. Sales with nice vehicles & esp. boats in Florida, attract more buyers and we offer Reduced Commission Rates for these big-ticket items. We've also attracted successful-closing home buyers for clients, and always offer this free gratis.

  • 8) Is B-Keen insured against injury, theft and breakage?
  • Yes, Yes & Yes! We are fully insured up to $1,000,000. Safety is our number one priority. We work proactively & take every precaution by providing clear & wide pathways, increased lighting, marking step-downs, low ceiling fans & trip hazards, and removing eye & other sharp dangers... Additionally, we're following current CDC guidelines for COVID-19. We also take strong measures for security by consolidating valuables within manageable areas, staffing-up as needed, and employ armed security to protect our client's Estate interests.

  • 9) Can clients influence pricing on their stuff for B-Keen to sell?
  • Yes & No, We allow it on certain limited things, within reason. High-ticket items are often better suited to go at auction... none-the-less, its a big benefit to let us have a try first. What doesn't sell, remains yours. We can't "give" things away (there's no profit in it), but we also don't want to go the extreme other direction by over-pricing, it can have a very bad effect. A prominence of high-priced items in an otherwise typical household, may scare away customers. Shoppers won't feel your sentimental value nor care what you paid. Seasoned Estate Sale-ers who find, what they feel to be over-priced items, will call & tell their friends: "don't come here", and quickly exit to seek another sale... This trend can snowball and soon it will all be over, leaving a house full of stuff, not much revenue and a big dilemma!

  • 10) Does B-Keen allow Pre-Sales (items sold before the sale begins) ?
  • ABSOLUTELY NOT, unless a private (family-only) sale is mandated by client. Extremely rare (we've done it once) & if needed again, we'd post new info before the public event. We never advertise items which are not available and also never answer early pricing questions (unless in the ads for all to see), it can create unfair advantage and impact our time... Thanks for understanding!

  • 11) Is there anything you don't sell?
  • No, we sell it all! Folks may guess that we don't handle clothes or other typically low-value items and discard or donate some away... This is frustrating because we've confirmed the compounding of sales from so many small, low-value items, often adds up to rival or exceed the total from big-ticket items. Certainly it's less work to prep. & sell only big beautiful pieces at bargain prices. But today's economy & Florida's high ratio of retirees forces many to seek smalls. We strive to attract as many buyers as possible & more goods = more attraction, up to a certain point... (too much of a good thing is not necessarily good, as in hoarding situations). Toward our mutual benefit WE REALLY DO SELL EVERYTHING from vehicles, fine antiques & precious jewelry to common household goods & garage bric-a-brac, ie. anything legally allowed (no prescriptions...), even live chickens! (they run really fast! -special thanks to Bill:),,, All of it!

  • 12) What happens to stuff that didn't sell?
  • That's entirely up to OUR clients, unsold items remain their property. High value items may fair best when offered through a reputable auction company, we can help with that. Common left-overs may be sold in-bulk for a low haul-it-all-away price or often donated to charity. Here in Florida, supply & demand are debatably upside down. Common used-household goods are in surplus and most charities have become picky, often refusing listed items or big loads. Too often, dated or damaged furniture and many low-end left-overs must be moved out to the curb for bulk trash pick up... We can completely empty the house, fees may apply depending on many factors.

  • 13) Are Estate Sale Companies all pretty much the same?
  • No, sadly not. While most of us charge rates in a similar range (35% give or take..), the services provided from one to another can be ballparks apart. We visit 3rd party sales (anonymously) and what some companies do (or more aptly what they don't do!) for their clients is really appalling. The quick-in/ quick-outs... They'll typically be running sales every weekend and upon visiting one it's obvious to see they've worked & priced very little. And what is priced is often overpriced. They run each sale for a very few hours and if you go in just prior to final closing time, you may see the house is still nearly full. How much can that benefit their client? Some also have way too many employees to all be adequately paid for their time from just meager sales. So how are they doing it? Are they required to haul-everything-away "for free" as part of the deal? Very likely they have other venues (consignment shops, online such as Ebay, fb marketplace, auctions or flea markets, etc.) from which to deal goods. Be very careful who you hire. Just because someone offers you a lower rate, doesn't guarantee you'll get a better deal!

  • 14) Since we're pandemic savvy, are "Online-Estate Sales" better?
  • Possibly, depending on the company (& the pandemic) ! Again, there are some good actors and some bad. The "Online-Tag Sale", as it's also known, is a good concept. Not extremely different from online auctions except mainly in that the prices are pre-set and progressive discounts can be applied as in regular Estate Sales. They often run for weeks instead of days and crowds of people won't be milling about through your house except maybe during the time of pick-up, usually two short days. The workload is different, your house won't need to be staged... more photography & computer work, and we hear the going rates are also about 10-15% higher. Not sure if net revenues match-up. We have our own concerns including: How well all those myriads of small items, below about the $5 mark, really sell -and then actually get picked up by the correct customer[?] Regardless, this method began well before COVID-19 and it will continue... We're just not quite ready to jump on-board yet. Whatever method you decide.., be sure to interview multiple companies, check references, read reviews, research & ask questions!


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